Terrain generation?

Do you guys recommend any workflows for generating terrain in Blender? Do you guys use a plane and the displacement modifier, with voronoi and cloud textures? Or is there something more evolved, with erosion, etc? Do you recommend any good book or video website? Thanks! :smiley:

i make things for a 3d space sim
so. What kind of terrain ?

a square area
part of a map ?
a WHOLE planet ?
a asteroid ( real one or not )

something like this "work in progress " that i put on hold
( derived from the black and red maps in the hard cover books )

middle earth was done using “wilbur” and Gmic ( from the bash terminal )
imported using “import plane " ( rgb texture) then a displacement modifier " the height map”)

or a full planet - very early still and needs a lot of work " Kepler 452 B" – in the news from NASA lately

http://3.t.imgbox.com/t5vNA4h5.jpg http://2.t.imgbox.com/e0LpaL4c.jpg

For the above planet . Blender was used ( ant - spherical ) to make the base mesh and burned to a Displacement
then eroded using wilbur the full size of the “dem” above is 5760x2880 32bit float

or asteroids
REAL ones like

Near Earth Asteroid Bennu / 101955bennu / 1999 RQ36
( there is a low resolution shape REAL DATA file - 1348 vertices )
that i augmented
http://7.t.imgbox.com/gyDfmLUv.jpg http://7.t.imgbox.com/xiFc2yvH.jpg

each kind of Terrain uses different tools and different workflow

Oh, nothing complex, without using DEM data or anything. Just procedural terrain, like what these apps do:


for basic terrain only you can start with ANT

then fallow any of the node guides for coloring
for videos

a castle , but using ant

and lastly the wikibook “Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro” ( a bit older )