Terrain Mod

I am using armatures to make a deform-able ground, however I am having some issues,

I want the faces associated with each bone, to go only up and down ,

they are “blowing up” rather then just moving up down, I could do this with vertex hooks easily, but as they do not work in the game engine… help?

Space -> change shape, it is not how I want it though, I want a single bone IK target “mover” rising to create a little mountain and moving down to make a crater, any advice?

anyone ever do this before? if so can I check out your .blend?


TerrainMod.blend (555 KB)

Once I was trying to do something similar, but this way turned out to be unwieldy, so I changed it to skrpt using vertex manipulation.

how to I get what vertex was nearest to a collision? then I could do this easy,

but selecting the vertexes to move based on a collision is what I am aiming for,