Terrain Not Visible in BGE

I know this is a stupid novice mistake I am making as I just started using blender, but I have looked all over google and can not find the answer. I open up blender, Shift A and add a plane, then I sculpt it a little and add a hemi light. That’s it. When I hit play, I can not see the plane anywhere . Just a blank gray screen. I thought adding a texture would help so I did and the texture will not show up on the plane. I would appreciate any help! Thanks!

Can you see it from the underside?

Go into the Properties editor > World context. Toggle Environment Lighting.

select object hit tab, hit T (opens window on left side) search for recalculate, try it and see if it works.
or search for flip normals, see if that works.

As you can see, there are a variety of answers. Giving some more information would help a lot in solving your problem.

  1. Actually yes I can see it from the bottom, it is just black but at least visible.
  2. Flipping normals partially worked! But now I have a new problem. I can not see things after a certain distance. I posted a video as it is kind of[video]https://www.facebook.com/hunter.eidmann/videos/1187936134584323/[/video] hard to explain. Sorry for the lack of information in the previous post.