terrain slope texture problems

Can anyone get the T_terrain plugin found here http://www-users.cs.umn.edu/~mein/blender/plugins/texture/t_terrain/index.html to work in 2.41? I really need the slope-based blend function but I can’t seem to get the plugin to do anything but apply a noise funtion to the whole object, regardless of slope, even in the example file. Anybody have any setting for this that work?



I am not sure what exactly is the texture effect you are going for but
simple start in making vertical change in texture is to use blend
texture, perhaps link material coordinates to object, Next to object box name of a plane and rotate, move and scale the plane.
Then to go for something more complex you can make the blend into a stencil so two textures are blended vertically.

Hey, thanks for the reply. Basically what I am after is a slope-based texture where flat areas are one color and slanted areas another. The height-based solution isn’t the same thing, though in some cases it may lend similar results. The solution for slope-based textures in blender relies on calculating the surface normals from the camera position, so anytime movment of the camera is needed, your textures go crazy. The plugin I mentioned earlier is supposed to do what I need but it seems not to work…Possibly I don’t have the right setttings…

I have files with T_Terrain but unfortunately Plugin Textures don’t pack so it’s useless sending them. A trick; build a dummy object (like a tall skittle or somesuch) and make it bigger than the scene so its ‘radar’ catches values that may be beyond your Texture Space, and link you object’s Material to it (Ctrl-L). If that doesn’t help and you catch me before Sunday 5pm I could probably send you a mockup with text values.