Terrain Texturing

So I have the terrain perfectly lined up one next to another, but I was wondering what all of your wonderful forumers suggest for painting the texture seamless (or at least close to seamless).

My current process is trial and error slowly trying to match them up (and accidentally closing blender without saving the images… hence the black texture :slight_smile: )

Hi @fredstash

If I understand you properly.

[1] Your asking how to have a seamless UV texture.

I do believe people just use 1 seamless texture for terrain.

You can make a texture seamless with programs like Photoshop & Gimp.

[2] If you are asking how to make a CUSTOM in-blender painted texture seamless. They have YouTube tutorials for that.

It is two separate meshes. I was just looking for any quick suggestions before I just do it by trial and error

use nodes - use 3 repeating textures (grass / dirt / rocks)

use vertex color to mix the 3 colors / normals and plug into a material

paint vertex color to paint terrain

this uses the same method + some more enhancments
(using vertex alpha for depth in this)

believe it or not this is just the exact same tile over and over - made unique copies / vertex color / moved vertex up down / recalc normals

Use seamless textures and map with global coordinates instead of UV.

Or four channels too if you take the black areas.

And if you use a second layer of vertex colors, you can separate those RGBA values within the red, green, blue or black area to have four textures per channel. One can keep subviding.

The rest is all a question of using mixRGB nodes to add the textures together.

I use this addon to have normals and vertex colors of tiles match perfectly at the edges, to avoid any visible seams.

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So I have never used vertex paint and I do not understand putting the colors into nodes (I have only messed around with nodes a little bit) , and I am not getting the quality I would really like from it for the style of my game, I don’t know if it is because of my texture choices. Are there any decent tutorials out there? I have searched a bit but not found any.

I’d make you an actual tutorial but my microphone is dying. Is this goood enough?

here is a picture of a basic node setup for splatting.

the colored frames represent the texture you see when drawing with that particular color.

So I have been messing around a bit with it, but I don’t know how to translate it into a UV map (or make it usable in the program) and if it is in the tutorial video you showed tell me to quite being lazy and watch all of it :slight_smile:

The advantage of splatting is you don’t have to do any baking; use Global from geometry node and a mapping node to adjust scaling. If your textures are seamless, that’s more or less all you need.