Terrain tool/system for platform games

Hey platform game lovers :smile: Here I am back with the realization of an idea I have often thought about lately, terrains in classic 3D platform games. I would like to make a new handy tool to build the scenarios of the game that I have in development, but I am only at the beginning so if you want to give me some other ideas to improve this tool I will be very happy to talk about this topic.

hi Lopas,

Would it be possible to make an automatic material mixer with those variables :

Z height : [lowest < 0 meter < highest] : [deep water < water surface < sand < grass < forest < snow]
Terrain Angle : [flat < steep] : [greeny < rocky]
Sun exposure with lamp data (the sun) : [never exposed < partially exposed < all day] : [ trees height ? ]
Sun distance : [sandy <dry < wet < frozen]
Terrain light occlusion (crevice) : [caves < meadows]

just some ideas

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Hey yes, these are interesting hypotheses, Including sand and snow in the same shader would allow even more variety. In order to drive the grass/sand transition I would prefer to use the vertex color: I could have the control to be able to draw paths or areas on the ground.
About snow: in addition to the Z coord, a precalculated shadowMap from a sun lamp directed at (0,0, -1) could be useful to avoid having snow in areas that are occluded above. :thinking:
Interesting to have wet sand driven by Z coord when near or under the water surface!
The trees, on the other hand, I would prefer to place and size them manually…(Just as a matter of what I think is best suited for my case)

here an update! (I still have to make the snow effect …)

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very good feature that border material mix.

I see that vertical faces are rocky but would it be possible to make that blend zone coverage variate according the % steep of the rocky ? So it will cover the rocks 100% if 100% flat (extreme case) and get that minimum coverage (like it is now) when it’s 100% vertical ( looks like 0.1 blender unit)

But it looks very clean as it is right now.

Are you going to make something similar but with urban and interiors ?

Btw, what about your other projects. We were waiting to see that Japanese house running in sabge :wink:

I’m not sure if that’s what I need :thinking:, in a platform game it’s okay for walls to be walls and at most you can jump over them, if I want to go up a slope that leaves me grass (or sand). Even think about the loop of the death in sonic, if you automate the shader in this sense I could not do something like this. So I don’t think there is a need to complicate the shader for this transition, I want to keep a cartoon style!

Not for the moment, everything I am doing up to now is functional to the game and this is not a compatible context, at least something like a temple but in a cartoon style of course … something different from what I imagine you were thinking

yes I have not forgotten, I had ported that scenario from eevee to the old blender to then export it and import it in sabge to test the graphic rendering. Now I would like to re-start to work, focusing on what I really need for the development of the game, but don’t worry! everything is saved and I will definitely be back to work to do those tests. I know that when I put my head in graphic programming then I get caught and I only think about that (and I’m not going on with the game :sweat_smile:)!!