Terrain topology mapping


I am a Computer Science graduate student at the University at Buffalo. We are designing a rover in our labs and I wanted to map the terrain in front of it using stereoscopic imagery. Can anybody tell me how can I use software like blender to convert the images into a 3D terrain model? I am new to computer graphics and never worked on it.


Im not sure but if its just an image i think you might need to start off sculpting a ground plane into what your need, Using Multisresolution or Dyntopo in sculpting tools will give you control over the terrain you wish to create!

You can also use displacement modifier; lets say you want a mars surface kinda thing you can easily add a Cloud map an there you go. For rocks, add particle system, go hair, and under objects get some objects that you can model by dragging vertices in a spehere… there are tons of tutorials out there…

Happy blending!

so you want to construct a model based on image files taken from multiple views? that is called photogrammetry, but i think you need 3 angles to do it. blenders tracking tools are similar in a way, but i don’t think they can construct a mesh.