Any idea or pointers or tuts on how I can create a fairly large terrain for my game?..

If you haven’t looked into it yet, I suggest taking a look at the libload function in the Python API:

You might also find some of the YoFrankie! tutorials of use for creating environments:

If you want a smooth gameplay I would avoid the libload as the game engine freezes during loading.

I would go with stencil maps. If it is really large you could even seperate the terrain in multiple objects. But then you need to set up for each object an individual material but still use the same textures except for shadow and/or ao maps.


Kupoman I’m taking a look at LibLoad right now
strub, stencil maps I’m already familiar with, your ideas will make things easier, thanks

Maybe it is possible to partialy avoid this freeze by calling libload from another thread by python. I use this for networking where it works perfectly. It would not stop the freeze completely but it may be smoother.

EDIT: haven´t tested it with libload, its just an idea

@Kupoman - Hey, I was wondering if it’s possible to implement a percentage value into LibLoad and LibNew? This way, you could load in a percentage of a mesh every game frame and not freeze the engine when trying to load large meshes. When the process is finished, it would return the mesh, but before it would return None. What do you think?