Terran Siege Tank - First Post

Hi there

I’ve been using blender for about 3 years, but this is my first time posting on this forum. I have come here a number of times in the past however, to look for tutorials and the like.

I’m modeling a terran siege tank based on some of the concept drawings on the Starcraft 2 site. I was disappointed with the design that’s actually going to be in-game, so I’m making something more to my liking (and more like the original concept)

Here are the drawings, done by a BLIZZARD DESIGNER, not me:
They’re not very accurate and there are a lot of inconsistencies between side and plan view

My goal is to make this a “realistic” render that could be viewed as the actual thing.

Here’s my progress, rendered with ao and no materials:

http://i32.tinypic.com/j14uw5.png <- high resolution

Looking for feedback (critique) and maybe some ideas for texture.

I was thinking of some worn, warm grey metal textures, warm grey rubberized parts, and some maroon (or a bit lighter?) red trim.

Interesting, I like it, looks like it’s been alot of work…well done!!!

I like it a lot. I just played the original Starcraft the other day. It brought back some memories. I’ve been wanting to build a wraith ever since. I’m gonna keep watching this thread, so keep posting. Good work.

That’s some excellent modelling-job you’ve done there. Looks great. The only thing I wonder 'bout, is how (or if at all) that typical mechanic inside the turret is supposed to work with this concept. I know it’s just Blizzards concept-drawing, you’re referring 2, but it ain’t clear to me on that drawing, neither. So how’re ya gonna handle that? Are you gonna just stick 2 the drawing, or are you gonna include that mechanic we know from the game itself, somehow? So that it can transform from tank-mode to siege-mode, with a seperate smaller caliber cannon on the other end of the turret & all that? Maybe make it animatable? -Would be sooo cool.

greetings, Kologe

thats looking pretty cool so far… i think the image showing the covered over gap between the front tracks is more sensible from an armour, structural integrity point of view. I have no idea what the SC2 tank looks like in game, but this could be a decent unit mod in the furture?
hopefully the textures will be suitable roughed up and perhaps some serious damage to the armour plating for the final model?

nice modeling! :eek:
but, what is the stuff under the front of the tread in the second render? :confused:

this is so awesome!! subscribes :stuck_out_tongue: how are you modeling this? subsurf modeling? and how are you getting those lines? looks sweet so far, I cant wait for more.