Terrestrial Life textures Banner

Here is a banner I have been working on to showcase the upcoming Terrestrial Life Texture collection(volume 1). I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to present these textures in an appealing way.

Terrestrial Life volume 1 is a texture library being developed by volunteer texture artists with the hope of making some kind of profit. I will be rendering demos of the collection with cycles render and possibly Octane in the near future.
I would like to know what people think of the rim lights in the scene and how anything can be improved.

UPDATE: Here is another image to go with the first, I used Monkeys instead of spheres and rendered in 6K, but I had to re render at low res to upload:

Well, for blender suzanne would be a good way to present the material. Most blenderers are familiar with suzanne modeling materials. Octane render has their own little model used to model materials. It’s a little ball on a pedestal with the octane render logo. I think most users will be most familiar with those two.

Yeah Suzanne give a great testing mesh for textures. Plenty of detail to see how a texture is going to look on just about any mesh, or you could just stick with the spheres and put them up on pedestals like they do at museums with lights from above. that would be cool.

Thanks for the advice. I will consider using a suzanne. What do you people think about the camera position, and the lighting?

I would probably have a separate image for each one. Camera position slightly above and to the side so you can see three different sides.

hmm… I wanted to give the feeling that the texture pack is big. Also I have done a render with four monkeys but I cannot upload it for some reason.

For advertising purposes I can see how an image with all them in it would be good. It could show how many there are. But at the same time, if I was buying, it would be beneficial for me to see each one individually.
While I am thinking about it. A simple hdri might do well to show off the materials, especially if they have any gloss to them. The second image looks to be a little too bright. I’ll try and see if I can find any reference images.
Alright, this first image is one with a lot of materials. It shows off the number of materials well but really if I want to view the details of each one it doesnt do so great.

This is the mesh I was talking about for Octane Render, although instead of the Blender mark it has the Octane Render mark. I have seen this one used with blender a good bit and it even appears on the wiki so it will be well known and it does a good job of showing off the material.

thank you again, I will definitely take this into consideration. What I have been thinking is that I could have an image that clearly shows a material with the textures, and also another image that shows them being used in a practical example, like a simple garden scene. Then after that there could be a couple of the actual raw textures. Which one would you trust more? Also do you know how I can improve the shaders in my scenes?

@Ranger910 I love your engine by the way

Thanks! the final version is rendering now as I type.
An example scene would be cool if you have the time. Like a garden scene that uses as many of the materials as possible.

I like the way they are staggered in that second picture. I might try laying them down like this

Keep the staggered positioning and experiment with an outdoors hdri map or some simple 3 point lighting. The stone materials are looking good though!

It would be a shit ton more work but an animation walking through the monkeys or spheres would be nice with their names above set to track to the camera so they are always readable. But that would be a lot of work esp for many materials. Yeah an HDRI image is going to be a must imo. You want to showcase ALL their properties and the easiest way to do that is with an HDRI environment texture in my experience. I like the spheres laid out above posted by Ranger.

Hi Dark Matter. I think you banner is nice, but the light burn the image. I would like to see those textures more neat.

I did an scene to show my materials. You can see and download (and change) it if you want in blendswap. Here there is a render with more contrast.

I will definitely consider making a trailer, But I don’t know where to get HDRI images at the moment. Terrestrial Life doesn’t currently have any. I’m not quite sure if it will be just shapes like the pictures or a real world example, or both? What would you people like to see in a trailer?

Here are some resources for free ones. Obviously there are lots of ones for sell.

Free with registration:


There are more out there but those are some I found in a couple minutes.