terrible deform of meshes with armature :-(

Hi folks

I am trying to make a human model to use rvk and animate it. I am planning to use armatures for body and head movements and rvk for face movements. However the head movement with the head bone is terrible. I tried quite a bit to mend it and am at my wits end. Can someone have a peek at the blend file and tell me where I am blundering!

It is at http://www.skodela.co.uk/prob-1.blend.gz

I tried to recenter the armature - no use.
Removing the other bones and just leaving the bones of head and neck seem to help it quite a bit and heaed bends reasonably well, but if rest of the setup is there, on bending the head backwords, back of skull breaks inwards and on bending the head forward chin digs in and backof head pouts out


can you save as a .zip cant open that file

Maybe by now you figured it all out, anyway…

Your problem is related to vertex groups and the vertices that are assigned to them. These groups determine what influence a bone has deforming what part of your mesh. Load your model and go in mesh edit mode (TAB), look into the first panel for a ‘Vertex Group’ button. Select the ‘Head’ group and click on ‘select’. You will see that the vertices in this group reach down to the whole neck and the high part of the back.
Likewise, your ‘neck’ group comprises vertices too high into the head, thats why it has influence where it shouldn’t. To remove or add vertices to or from a group, select the group name, deselect all vertices with ‘A’ key, select the desired vertices and hit ‘add’ or 'remove.

By the way, the right way to name symmetric bones is by using a .L or .R SUFFIX, this way, you will be able to use the symmetric pose copier, a big help when doing walk cycles.


It’s not “add”, but “Assign”, sorry!

can you save as a .zip cant open that file

get a free program called ‘filzip’. it will unzip anything. nearly. it will definately unzip .gz, and .tar. www.filzip.com

Thanks for the problem solving toloban.


Glad to help.