Terrible judge of my own work, please critique

Pretty happy with face and overall shape, didn’t plan on the six pack showing so prominently though. And the arms kinda look funny to me.

A little thicker in the elbow area, your right. Other than that, pretty sweet.

Anatomy looks good but she needs hair. I would work on hair styles stat. Everything else can be adjusted after the hair is added. Not sure if the pose is necessary at this stage either. Make it harder to cloth her.

Looks very good. Wireframes would show better if there are some modeling mistakes (animation wise)

Other than that there are no obvious modeling mistakes (having in mind that this is a stylized character)

Here are the wires. Think I fixed the arms, let me know.

I think I went overboard on the bones for the shoulders, I want to give her a western style shirt but I have bones all around the breasts and back making shapes for deformation. Seems a waste.

The topology and shape look great to me. looks like your doin a good job

Added some color to it, now I need to figure out what to do for a shirt that won’t hide all my shoulder work and hair. And I hate hair…

IT look great!

She’s got a slightly “baby” head, and I like that. She’s struck a good pose in the last frame; the eye-shadow really works well … she connects.

I kinda agree that you should, ahh, tone down the bosom quite a bit. I am sort of visualizing this one as maybe kind of a woman-child vixen and the proportions seem a little bit :eek: unbalanced :eek: at the moment. Not quite in character with what her face and pose are kinda saying to me.

its a very nice model… stylized i presume… try to put clothes not just very fitted clothes… i mean putting also a model of a shirt

i wouldn’t kick her out of my virtual bed for eating crackers