Terrible looking seam running across my mesh. Not sure what to do!

I wasn’t entirely sure where this thread should go, so if it’s in the wrong place just let me know and I’ll move it!

I’m still relatively inexperienced with Blender and am working on a character to import into a game engine. After spending some time painting it, I went and imported it into the engine and was horrified by what I saw:

For some (probably obvious and easily solvable) reason, I’ve got this horrible looking seam that runs along the character’s neck.

In texture paint mode it looks fine:

But when I import the model into the game engine, that line is still prominent and very annoying:

I reached the image limit, but you can see an example here: https://imgur.com/v3ytGHZ.png

Any help is appreciated. I tried to find the solution myself, but being pretty unsavvy with Blender I wasn’t sure what terms to use.

A couple of things, check you don’t have a seam on the model there where points are not joined. Easiest way to check is to use ‘remove doubles’ with that area selected. Also check your normals with ctrl+N

Welp, removing doubles did it. I knew it had to be something trivially simple that I was overlooking. Thanks!

No problem. :slight_smile: