Terribly happy blender user.

(TonyVega) #1

Today thanks to Nan/Blender my dream came ture and i’m going to soon be working as a modeller/animator for a games company.

I wish I could of thanked them. It just would not of ever happened without them.

To anybody who ever diss’ed Blender, eat your words, cause Blenders all you need.

Well done elysiun on keepng the community going. I know i’ll never give up waiting for its return. (Lets call the new version Blender Pheonix)

Thanks also to the community who put up with my questions and confusions and shared there knowledge with me.

:slight_smile: (Terribly happy blender user)

(Green) #2

Great to hear!

Would you mind sharing informastion on how you got the job?
ie did you send in some of your work or did you know someone?
How did it happen?

(kevin3d) #3


yes, I’d also like to hear also how this came about. Kind of a case study!!
Sounds like you were slf-motivated and used a lot of personal initative!!

(sten) #4

I am also very curious…tell us !! share please :wink:

(kos) #5

Congrats!! :smiley: i only want to know if you only use blender or combine it with those so called"high-end"packages?has your models been only modelled/animated in blender?

(TonyVega) #6

You might be pleased to know that I only used Blender and it was the work done on this and this only that was sent as samples. I’m learning others as I think you need to do as much as possible to increase your chances, but it was all thanks to Blender.

I tried an agency but they seemed to take my samples and never speak to me again. Then I found an advertisment which gave me direct contact with the company in question. This was far more successful as you know!

My advice is if you can do this stuff, put together a portfolio and put in it examples of everything they could ever want, from lowpoly models to full games. Then get sending. I’ve also got a degree in the Arts which is meant to be a good weapon in your job seeking arsenel but I think a few good ‘hand’ drawn pictures along with your 3D samples can tell them what they need to know.

Other than this i’m just one damm lucky boy.

(Timothy) #7

congragulations dude,

Like you say the portfolio is I think the most important thing you need to get a job in the industry. In any case a diploma will help you get your foot in,… but without a good portfolio you’ve got no chance.

Do you have a website with your portfolio (or parts of it) on it? I would really like to see some of the stuff that got you in.

Timothy Kanters

(aris) #8

Tony, I would love to see some of your work! Why not set up a gallery at elYsium? Some times people are not sure of the quality of their work. Maybe if they see you stuff they will get a better idea what kind of work the market is willing to pay for. You’d be doing it for us! :smiley:

(saluk) #9

This is wonderful Tony! I’m glad you get to finally live out your dream. Good luck at your new job, and I hope you fulfil yourself. God bless, Thank God for blender!


(Alvaro) #10

Sounds well, Blender Phoenix.