Terribly wrong - faces deleted on export??

Hope someone can help with this!

I’m trying to export a bike handle as an obj to import into poser. When I render it in blender its fine, perfectly smooth with the indentations just the way I wanted.

However when I looked at the uv major parts of it were missing. THe way it looks in uv, with that chunk missing from the front is exactly how it rendered as an obj, with a slab missing and totally unusable. My question is, why is it only selecting certain pieces to leave out of the obj and uv file? I wanted a solid prop, just like in the render and don’t know what I did wrong :confused: Anyone?



nevermind, I had built it in two parts and (I’m guessing?)faces weren’t connected to each other or something, I extruded some planes through the center and it corrected the problem