TERROR INSIDE :2012 Blender Summer Game Competition

Hi my amigos , i start this with a sculpt and paint a fast model i did yesterday very tired heheeh estaba inspirado :P.

I will try to do something like call of duty or gears of war espero pueda hacerlo .

I’m from PERU here in my country there are afew companies doing 3d well i will start with this maybe my own company about video games .

If i have success we can develop Blender GE in a future i hope soon .
Well here my concepts i will make maybe 4 this is my first one not finish but its very near

Espero les guste .

If any comment would be very welcome Gracias. amigos los amo:D

Looks good(the painting above him too). About:

If i have success we can develop Blender GE in a future i hope soon .

That would be good, when things like this happen the BGE tend to get better.

I understood some words you said because I’m from Brazil, but I suggest you write in full english so more people can read your kind words(and not just the core of the text).

Looks good! Isn’t it a bit too much to try to get this done before the deadline of the competition? (call of duty gears of war type game)

Ok , and many thanks , i hope can do it well i wanna work in this really like it . would be working in more concepts see you

Hi , thanks you like it i can do it better for time:p.

Yes i know it's really hard work but i wanna show that Blender BE it's enough to do it ( i really  think so ).

I wanna try something really good enough that people can see it and follow .


Looking good; good luck too.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

I like his clothes (and him), good luck :wink: How many Polys is he though?

Hi, i was thinking in 11 000 or 12 000 polys like the game competitions in other forums but
-what do you think is too much?.

I try to do with good level of details

Depending on your intentions, I’d say when you just want to proof that BGE can do it, and do not intent to include a lot of models in the scene at once, 10k could be ok for an entire model.

But it largely depends on the overall details of the entire game scene you see at once and the amount of players.

As proof of concept, just go nuts I’d say and show off BGE. :smiley:

OK I will proof , and details en the entire game that’s the idea and thanks

It is my very own Opinion that I find the Character not very sympathic looking, but as others here have stated to like him, my Opinion shall drown in the Pool of Not-Bothering.
However, [EDIT: let’s say 2000 to 4000], and by that I mean Triangles, of Course. You can achieve A LOT by rendering the High-Poly Version as a Normalmap, trust me.

Ô, and i’m just having Fun with it, but as SweetArts said: »Code Switching« irritates, findest du nicht? ¬‿‿¬

Don’t worry is still in progress . i don’t define details yet . Ok many thanks for share your experience :wink:

Well , i start to do his cloth :P.


I will work more in the face amigos

Hola , i was busy these days but i can work a little more the man and this creature .

I gonna make some changes i think :).

Espero les guste


Wonderful Design. If your Game is supposed to be slightly toony, then it will suit the Scenario well, and if not, then I still would keep the Design, but add more Detail to it – it shows a great Skill of distorted yet believable Anatomy/Morphology.

The side view reveal a disturbing problem with balance (look like it going to fall forward), or I’m just a bit over sensitive.

With those long arms he could use one arm to support himself, a longer more massive tail as counter weight can work too, or simply move the feet forward. Some combination of these might be best.

Muchas gracias you like it ;).

I will still do some changes in the character , yes i supposed more detail .

 I will work more  soon  :).


Don’ t worry about the balance i decided this creature it’s gonna run like King kong :P. lurking his pray , i supposed its gonna run on the walls , like spider .

I hope can work more soon y gracias que te guste :wink:

hey tiempo no post here :). very busy heheh

i work the face a little more espero les guste . chau


Well, here after bastante tiempo :),

Very busy ready to sculpt