Terrorist Robot

(JediJapan) #1

the japanese writing im pretty sure means “WonkaFace”, which is my Bro’s band.Check 'em out at www.myspace.com/wonkaface im hoping to do an animation with some other characters but this is what ive done so far. ill add textures soon.


(womball) #2

Love the style! Can’t wait to see the body. Cel shading fits for this. Can’t really crit anything yet.

(amped) #3

I find the Japenese writing hard to believe that it says Wonka Face, because I study Japanese, the first simple stands for year. The symbols stand for ideas not sounds, but I’m not Japenese.

But the picture is pretty cool, it captures a real band cover and its trendy.

(JediJapan) #4

yeah me and my mom didnt think it really ment WonkaFace either.But hey, It looks cool.

(code_astro) #5

amped is right…the kanji doesnt say wonka face (in Japanese)…its not even Japanese…its Chinese!!!

I like the character…the cell shading is very well done.