Terxturing Imported Models from 3DStudio Max

I have imported a model in Blender from 3DSM, say, a toaster. I want to texture a part of it, but when i select a group of vertexes and texture them, the whole toaster is textured. The whole toaster seems to be grouped, so I can’t texture parts separately. What is the thing to do? Some good soul please help! (I am kinda a Blender newbie, so…):spin:

Just like in Max, blender supports multiple material IDs. If you can go back to Max, you can better prepare the mesh for output. If you are simply provided the mesh you can still work with it.

In Blender, put the mesh in object edit mode. Then simply select all the faces you want to be one texture, Press F9 and Assign those faces to the current material. Then press the “New” button to make a new texture. Repeat as neccessary. Select more faces, assign etc…

When done, press the TAB key and you are out of edit mode.

Actually it was the way I was importing it. But thanx for the reply!