Tesla K80 24GB x3 rendering

I did not find any info for rendering with tesla k80 in a ordinary pc .
So i bought 3 of them from ebay and installed in my amd threadripper build, and they working :sweat_smile:

Nvidia Tesla k80 x3 with Amd Threadripper.


Do the cards pull full 300W as per spec?

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Sorry for late reply ,They run at 875mhz When rendering 100%
i use 850w for 3x k80 +1200w powersupply for the rest.
Best solution is 300w per k80 and use only one big powersupply 1600w.

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I have autostart on my 2x powersupplys working great with geforce,but with tesla it only working ON not OFF.
Have to sort that out

Still. 6 GPU cores giving you 7 seconds… DAM, nice.

Still 850W PSU for the 3 K80s. guess they aren’t pulling full 300W, else that power supply woudl be struggling.

thats cool. I so need ot finish my build. I have 6+ Radeon Vega’s and i’ll underclock them to around 1300mhz which woudl drop power consumption in 1/2 (into 150W range)

but your solution is more elegant with the dual GPU boards

Standard Turbo is 824mhz but my k80’s turbo 875.6mhz, think they are slightly oc in bios.

Update, win10v2004, watercooled tesla k40 11GB + geforce 780 6GB

I’m going to go and cry now…

That is some nice render speeds.

Question: are you using the most effective tile size for GPU rendering? I know Nvidia isn’t as much imapcted as AMD, so curious if you tried other tile settings.

Been lot of problems to Solve.
Now it runs like hell :slight_smile: :grinning:
Tile size for this watt monster is best around 16 for cpu+gpu or 24-32 for gpu.

Really impressive times, but from what I’ve seen they are equivalent to the render times of a single 3090 running with Optix. And here comes the question about the comparison in terms of perf/watt and perf/$ of these two scenarios.

3090 is of course better. Both watt and rendering.

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More optimized+ overclocked and faster ddr4
BMW ( singel ) scen render in 4 sec
BMW 27 ( double bmw) render in 9 sec, (nvidia 3090 in 23sec )
Classroom render in 15 sec. 3090 in 25sec
Negative stuff is a lot more watt/heat.

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Found out that MSI Afterburner works with Tesla k80/k40 cards …WTF
First out is 3xTesla k80
K40 and my gtx use original settings.

3sec singel bmw
7sec dual bmw
11 sec Classroom
35 sec Pavillon

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I have some chasing to do … lol

I’m going with Vega GPU’s and just working on under-clocking them to gain best W/s of render time.

Plan is 10 GPU’s… so i still might have a chance to reach or exceed your times.

Thanks for the motivation and keep posting :slight_smile:

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Nice :+1:
MSI Afterburner did not OC my Tesla K40 so i bios modded it from 745 to 1050mhz :grinning:

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Ok it did not run 1050mhz so i modded it to 1150mhz.
and updated the gpu voltage

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After some biosmodding, overclocking and optimizing my multi GPU pc is …fast.
Did a little movie with E-cycles rendering in fast mode.

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Did some more bios mod/tweeks on the Tesla K40.
Now it is overclocked from 875mhz to 1200mhz and with more volt added.
Memory from 3000mhz to 3300mhz.
So 30% faster than original. (watercooled)

Tesla K80x3 = 6 gpus is overclocked from 875mhz to 1175 mhz. Little extra volt.
The 24GB memory is overclocked from 2500 MHz to 3300mhz ,massive 800mhz OC
so 30% faster.

My monitor GTX780 is only slightly OC

Reinstalled Win 10 2004 and have optimized the system with registry tweeks.

Mike’s BMW27 scen with E-Cycles Fastmode 1,8 sec.

Next up to do, fix a airflow tunnel out from Case for the K80’s and other stuff.
Later in a week or 2 , mounting a pcie Bicard 16x to 4x4x4x4 so I can mount my 2x watercooled Tesla K40 + 3080.

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