Tesla K80 24GB x3 rendering

I’d rather have an nvidia 30-series card but those are way more expensive than the amd cards here. Why would having another nvidia card in the system make any difference for the k80’s performance?

The drivers and hardware from same manufacturer.

Hi everybody,
After some troubles I finally install 2 TESLA K40 on my workstation.
I am using 442.92 DCH NVIDIA drivers that support both my GTX1650 and TESLA K40.
Everything works fine but MSI afterburner do not allow K40 OC with this drivers.
That was not a problem because I have been able to OC both the K40 by bios modding.
Thanks to the datas shared here by Retrorollet :slightly_smiling_face:
So after doing some test and with the help of hwinfo, I can told you that:

  • K40 at stock freq generate 150W at full load and with modded bios, with GPU at 1071MHz, it works around 220W at full load (with lower voltage setting than the ones used by Retrorollet).
    With higher voltages power consumption goes near 235W at ful load. So, due to the pwr limit on bios, K40 will throttle at 98% to reduce power on use.
    It will be not a good idea to mod TDP power table and push pwr limit higher than 235W because the Phase FETS on K40 videocards are less than the ones you will find on a OC GTX780 (here you can see a videocard born for OC: https://overclocking.com/omf-asus-gtx780-dcuii-oc/3/ ).
    So moving from 150W to 220W could be ok IF the Phase FETS are properly cooled: if you move to watercooling don’t forget it!

  • I am using in the K40 bios this settings:
    P00 900.0 - 1037.5 mV max with 1071HZ clock rock solid.
    P08 850.0 - 887.5 mV max with 324MHz idle clock (20W power consumption)
    CLK01 900.0 - 950.0 mV max
    CLK02 950 - 1025.0 mV max
    CLK03 987.5 - 1062.5 mV max
    CLK04 1025.0 - 1087.5 mV max

  • My two K40 are both watercooled (modded bykski NX6000 WB) with GPUs at 1071MHz fully stables and max cores temperature of 54°C on long run at 100% (220W each)
    (dedicated liquid system : 1000 L/H pump, 240x120x45 double mesh radiator and x2 DELTA 120x45mm fans )

Hope this informations may be helpfull


You evolve bios settings and thats great :grinning::+1:

Thank you :upside_down_face:

I have the exact same setup, 1080 Ti and K80. I’m still having some odd issues occasionally. Would you mind sharing the driver kit you put together? TIA

You can try if u want.
Im uploading the driver in 1-2 hours in a link
No telemetri and shit.
Works for several configs with only Nvidia gpus.
( Not Amd gpus )
The text for all supported gpus included :+1:

Great, Thank you! I’ll DDU, and give it a try.

Take about 5 hours to upload sorry :thinking:

I uploaded the drivers to Mega, 10 seconds :smiley:

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I upgraded my strix b550-f motherboard to the strix b550-e because it has two pci-e 4.0 8x slots and now the tesla k80 is running perfectly in my otherwise full AMD system. Especially with the OC Bios that @Retrotrollet posted earlier in this thread, the Card runs very well at 1000 MHz. So if anybody else is thinking about using a k80 in their system and comes across this thread. Make sure you have at least a pci-e 3.0 8x slot available in your system, 4x just is not enough when using it in blender.

Hello to all.

I am a newbie in GPU’s but here got an extra boost to go further.

@Retrotorllet thank you for all your feedback…was winging about some K80s but after reading your stuff can’t wait to try it and test it.

There are 2 nVidia falshes from octuber 2020:

5.660.0 of 7M

5.667.0 of 3.8M

Which one is the one that has your tweaks?


Hi futc,

So if I use a (motherboard)1x raiser to 16x(K80) will not work? even if it is a PCIe3.0 port?


I dont remember what i uploaded sorry :joy::rofl:
1 file is for gpu 0 and 1 file is for gpu 1.

Futc flash his card with my 1000mhz gpu /3000mhz mem, bios files so give him a PM

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Thank you, Robert,

One quick question, when you say “tested k80 external with 4x with no luck” you mean using a 4x to 16x raiser? or an x16 port working mode 4x?

Hello @futc !

Do you mind sharing with me Robert’s K80 flashes?


Buy riser cables that uses 8x or 16x.
The graphiccard is 16x so
Pcie Cable must have 16x in one side for gpucard.
And 8x or 16x in the side at motherboard :+1:

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x16 port working mode 4x dont work
Must have at least pcie 8x at mobo

Thank you @Retrotrollet, I will go for 16X both sides raiser in that case. I narrowed it to 2 options first with 1x ports, the second one with 16x ports.

Thank God I found you guys … thanks to you I probably minimized my headecs a lot.

Thanks !
I did not find any info or nothing with this Tesla card so i modded them and it worked and shared the info to others :grinning::+1:
And some has made better and more optimizez bios mods and its great.
Specially now with this crazy overprized gpus.

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