Tesla K80 24GB x3 rendering

@estagugo this should be it I believe: VBIOS

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I now made a video with benchmarks with the Tesla K80 in my system for anybody who is interested. It shows the performance is super good during the shortage, for the price it just can’t be beaten. You can find the video here https://youtu.be/zh4SnZET93Q


Thank you.

Great video Futc :grinning::+1:

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@Retrotrollet I’m interested in overclocking the K80 a bit further thanthe 1000MHz OC I have on here now with the BIOS file from techpowerup you uploaded. At what speeds are you currently running your K80s?

HI !
I use 1170mhz on both K80 and K40 gpu’s, With watercooling.
With 100% stability, 8xTesla gpus.

Rendering mhz is often 1162mhz.
So 1170mhz in bios but 1162mhz in reality.

Most people use homemade aircooling from ebay, not the best.

Thats why i only uploaded 1000/3000mhz bios files.
Its kind of sweetspot for Aircooling (My k80’s )

  • I dont want people to burn their Gpus or crash when rendering.

The memory 3000mhz is set to max with WC/Air ( my k80’s)

K80’s bios 0+1 is overhelming complicated to overclock :sweat_smile:

So after a month or 2 i got 1170/3000mhz working 100% its ok for me with so many cards.

They all work at same speed in linux to :+1:
No overclocking tool needed :+1:

Better result can be done but im happy with 1170mhz OC

I can upload 1170/3000mhz Bios 0+1 if u want.
And you test it with aircooling,
Its 16% more rendering power.
You can always put back 1000/3000 bios if the heat go beserk