Tesla roadster wip

I recently got CG Masters Corvette tutorial and I’ve been working my way through the project using a Tesla Roadster for my subject. I’m only about halfway through the videos. The CG Masters training package is really excellent. I’ve learned quite a bit so far.


Started detailing the front. Working my way towards the rear…


Very nice. Is that the original? Or Roadster 2.0?

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It’s more like a version 1.5. It’s a second year model, but it’s earlier than the official 2.0’s.

Below is some progress on the interior. There’s still little bits to do, but most of the big stuff is there.

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Updates to the trunk, battery and main computer…

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Hey, just came across your project, looks great, your not going to put a vertical stabilizer on it or are you ? :airplane:

Thanks for leaving a comment.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a vertical stabilizer on a street car. Do you have a picture of what you’re talking about?

Sorry for my bad sense of humor - I has just messing with you, I’ve seen your work over @ military - mesh, which seems to have disappeared (the site). I have a friend who works @ Tesla - just took a ride in a model 3 the other day - luv that acceleration. Anyway keep up the great work

Your sense of humor is fine. I’m just thick.

It does look like military meshes is gone. That’s too bad. I got a lot of good feedback from the artists there.

Anyway - project is done… Final renders:

Bonus image: orthographic renders in case somebody else wants to model this vehicle


FYI in case anybody is interested. This model is now available at Blend Swap.

Tesla Roadster @ Blend Swap

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Some dude models a dope looking car and only a couple people reply, lol what logic is this.

Keep up the good work man.

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Great work… thanks for share.

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