Tesla Suit

(SaKo) #1

I’ve created a second suit based on the first one, the background is again made with matte painting (I’m to lazy to make it in 3d ^^)
It reminds me a bit on Dead Space, but why not, it’s still one of my favorite games.



sparks my interest

(BigBlend) #3

No. Why? All this work ruined by the foreshortening of the arm and the disfigured armpit. You need to rework that stat.

Other than that… Wow. That’s looking awesome. The details, lightning and coloring is high quality stuff.

(SaKo) #4

I don’t know what you talking about @bigbad it looks natural to me


(The Omnilord) #5

I kinda agree with bigbad here. This picture is just breathtaking and I love it, but his arms do look a little short. If a regular, anatomically correct man stands up and puts his arms down by his side, his hands should be next to his thighs. If this guy takes off his suit and puts his arms down to his side, they look like they would line up with his hips or pelvis. However, I barely noticed it because the suit makes his arms seem longer than they actually are. As for his armpit, I still don’t see anything wrong with it. Other than that, the picture is gorgeous. I love the high quality details of the suit design. I love the blue glow of the lightning against the contrasting subtle orange background. I just love all of it.

(BigBlend) #6

I was thinking about this:

Right now it looks like his arm is pushed inside his body. Also it’s possible that his arms are a bit small in the diameter compared to the body, but that could be because you are actually pushing anatomically-correct person in a sci fi-like environment.

I did a shop on the arms so you can see what I’m talking about.

Don’t get me wrong. I voted 5 stars and would vote 5.5 stars if possible. This is awesome.

(SaKo) #7

The suit is based on him, maybe it looks like this because of his big motorcycle like helmet…

(SaKo) #8

Ok, there was another failure which really annoyed me. I’ve totally overlooked the straps on his shoulders. I hate it when this happens by the way I’ve shrinked the helmet a bit, but that’s all I want to do :wink:

I’ve changed the top image

(cekuhnen) #9

hm when I shoot I lift my shoulder up below my chin so I can better look along my arm

so first image seems ok to me

(NID Graphics) #10

This is pretty danged cool!

(SaKo) #11

Yay, I’m in the top row!! ^^
Thank you @cekuhnen and NID Graphics
also a great thanks to the others, it looks better with the smaller helmet, but then I needed to re-upload it on cg society too and lost my cg badge for the image :frowning: maybe I’ll get it back :slight_smile:

(The Omnilord) #12

Yeah I agree. Looking at the Tron poster, his giant helmet also makes the rest of his body puny in comparison. The smaller helmet in your picture makes the rest of his body look all evened out. Taking another look at this, now all I can say is this is just amazing. You definitely deserve to be in that top row. Congratulations.

(Rico) #13

Awesome! my respects to an image well made. keep it up brother! and congrats on the CGSociety badge as well :wink:

(BluePrintRandom) #14

Do you have any plans for the Actor? how many polygons can you get him down to?

is it fully rigged?

I love it :smiley:

(Hadriscus) #15

The body base is definitely biased in terms of proportion (legs too long, arms too short, head too small) but it’s not shocking inthe final image because of all the armor around him. Nice picture !!

(Modron) #16

nice render. looks like a painting.

(SaKo) #17

I don’t understand that question, sry?! But yes he’s fully rigged, but just for posing

Thanks @ all :slight_smile:

(TARDIS Maker) #18

Nice work! Background doesn’t look very good though. Doesn’t really match well. Luckily it doesn’t really get in the way so it doesn’t mess up the image much.

Based off of who’s posting, I think he’s wanting to know if you’re planning on making it game ready. I don’t really understand why he would get the idea to do that in the first place though.

(Pierrick PICAUT) #19

Great job man,

Dead space remind me a lot of hours lost (butt fune hours) in front of my computer.
Very nice work.

I do agree with some of the critics, with such an amazing model you could make more dynamic and epic poses/compositions
But whatever your job deserve a 5* anyway

(SaKo) #20

Oh ok, no it’s not planned for a game, I’m not sure if hydraulic systems would work in game engines, I’ve never seen this on a game character before. I think 20k - 30k polygons could be realistic to give him a really nice look for a game, it’s just the question how many details you’ll solve with normal maps, but I have no reason to do this. I think the crysis 3 suit got around 60k tris, so I think it’s not too much.