Tesselator Quad-Remesher

From where can I get the blender 2.79 version of this addon? Thank you

You get both versions in blender market.

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Yes I saw that after putting my question, lol, thank you tough

I’ve not been updating this addon for a while because it’s hard to find an algorithm that can compete with other remeshers out there, but this video got me thinking about it again. :thinking:


Can you elaborate e little bit Jeacom? What exactly is the idea that you got from this video? You mean that you can find a way to produce a remeshing of objects using such an approach as the evolving nets in the video?

Yea, pretty much, but I cant actually elaborate because the idea is not fully fleshed out in my head lol.


Hey @Jeacom, wouldn’t it be more convenient to use vertex colors instead of masks for controlling mesh density?

Maybe, I just thought to use sculpt mask because it’s easy to edit and paint.

And you were right, it is easy :slight_smile:
Vertex colors would have a couple of advantages though:

  1. Clear visual feedback on density of certain areas (for example blue to red gradient)
  2. You can have more than one set of vertex colors that can be switched on and off, while there is just one mask. In case you need to use a mask for both sculpting and tesselating, it has to be recreated from scratch multiple times.