Tesselator Quad-Remesher


(Metin Seven) #123

If you could combine / automate multiple options to reduce the number of options, that’d be great. More options means more time has to be spent experimenting and entering values each time before getting a result.

For example, if some input fields have optimal settings that rarely need to be changed, then remove the option and internally set the value to the optimal one.

(Jeacom) #124

Well, there’s not many optimal settings for this addon it depends entirely on what you’re doing, the optimal values are already hardcoded, like the particle overlap threshold (0.7) which is the minimum distance between particles relative to their radius.

Other settings are really important but I don’t know how to depict to the user.
For example, smoothing steps.

The cross field could be thought as an image composed of vectors where the pixels are the vertices of the mesh (like vertex colors) then the smoothing average/straighten those directions, Steps is how many times to apply the smooth and Depth is the kernel size, if you set the size tiny you just filter the noise but if you set it bigger, it straightens also the topology.

I made 3 rounds of this smoothing steps because depending on the combinations you can achieve different alignment types.

(Metin Seven) #125

OK, clear. I guess the descriptions are allright too. Maybe ‘Repeat’ or ‘Iterations’ would be better than ‘Steps’? And maybe you might consider ‘Radius’ or ‘Influence’ in stead of ‘Depth’?

(Jeacom) #126

Ok, I guess I will rename to Repeat and Distance then.

(Jeacom) #127

More news
I finished the support for full triangular topology.

(Bohdan Lvov) #128

Yeah, it looks confusing. Some manual in txt file would be nice, or even an explanation of what the heck is this parameters and how they influence the result when you hover your cursor over it.

(Jeacom) #129

Well, maybe I can make a configuration wizard that asks questions about what the user wants and configures automatically the parameters. Maybe it also explains why those parameters were chosen so the user learns about its behavior?

(Bohdan Lvov) #130

It would be absolutely incredible, if it’s not too much of work.

(Jeacom) #131

Oops, I accidentally messed up the code and swapped the functions that propagate the triangle and quad particles, the triangles were being built as if they were distorted quads LOL.

Here’s the actual triangle mesh quality.

(kabu) #132

Looks good. Almost on par with industrial quality tools for isotropic remeshing.

(kabu) #133

So OpenVbd remesher is able to merge all objects into a single one? I have it, but didn’t know about that.
And is able to take care of self intersections, too?
Sorry for the out-of-subject questions…

(JWise) #135

I just saw back in this thread that TQR is working on 2.8 and bought me a copy, thanks for your ongoing efforts to make this addon better and better.

(Jeacom) #136

I guess I will release this new version soon, just a few tweaks here and there and maybe a sharp edge detection feature.

I made this video just to keep my youtube channel and facebook page without updates for too long.

(Metin Seven) #137

Nice job! Looking forward to having a go at the new version.

(Metin Seven) #138

A wish (maybe it’s already possible?):

It’d be fantastic if Tesselator could also quad-remesh flat meshes existing of single-sided faces, like the result of a closed 2D curve converted to a mesh.

Right now quad-remeshing a flat mesh is one of the few things that still force me to go to ZBrush and back.

Sometimes deleting everything but the outer loop of a flat mesh and then running a Grid Fill works, but not with complicated shapes.

Attempting to avoid having to go to Zbrush, right now my time-consuming workaround is:

1: Extruding / Solidifying the shape.
2: Adding a Remesh modifier in Sharp mode.
3: Apply the modifiers.
4: Go to Edit Mode.
5: Delete everything but the remeshed cap.

(IPv6) #139

Yes, it can. But this is windows-only tool //

(IPv6) #140

Wow cool! Will this go to 2.79 addon too?

It’d be fantastic if Tesselator could also quad-remesh flat meshes existing of single-sided faces

+1 to suggestion

(Jeacom) #141

Well, the extraction algorithm is what is limiting myself on that currently, I have made extensive use of bmesh.ops.holes_fill() so it doesnt creates open meshes, If I disable it it can become less robust and yield non-manifold results for solid meshes. Maybe I have to find a better way to compute the connection graph.

(kabu) #142

Why not curve to mesh, duplicate, move up somewhere, join meshes, edit mode, select edges (two curves you only have edges), bridge edge loops, fill, triangulate and so on?
Moreover you have much more control…
Just for sake of it… :wink:
of course no quads… :wink::wink:

(Metin Seven) #143

:slightly_smiling_face: I’m looking for this, which can be realized with one button press in ZBrush, but I’d love to turn Blender into my one-stop solution for everything: