Tesselator Quad-Remesher


(ambi) #144

You can just do triangulate -> make quads (alt-j) -> subsurf, set to simple instead of catmull-clark … to achieve this, right?

(Piotr Adamowicz) #145

Lol, yes, if you do it on the star from Extra Objects, you’ll get a good result from that series of ops, but that’s just coincidence. Obviously we’d want a solution that works for any shape.

(Jeacom) #146

Well, this seems more viable than fixing self intersections, so I Guess, I’ll try.

(m9105826) #147

If you’re waiting for Blender to get an on-par replacement to ZRemesher you’re going to be waiting for a loooong time.

(Metin Seven) #148

I’m afraid so too, but @Jeacom’s Tesselator progress is exciting.

(Metin Seven) #149

@ambi :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jeacom) #150

Actually, I found that the inset polygon addon plus subsurf does a pretty reasonable job actually.

New Inset Polygon Addon
(kabu) #151

Eh, that was the first one I’ve tried. Make quads only works for quad-compatible tris… :disappointed_relieved:

(Metin Seven) #152

Interesting. The Inset Polygon add-on isn’t available for Blender 2.8 though. It’s not determined yet if it will be updated.

(Jeacom) #153

I guess, we’ll need both 2.8 and 2.7x installed for a while. So far ctrl+c ctrl+v works nicely between both so using both is not harder than using two image editors at once, well there’s the problem of shortcuts messing with us, but with some configuration it can be solved.

(Jeacom) #154

Anyway, changing subject.

I am working on the new extraction algorithm that works on hollow/open meshes as @Metin_Seven suggested and realized a funny thing :thinking:

Whould this polygon mode be useful somehow? It looks so hypnotizing…

(Jeacom) #155

Update, here’s the best result I could get with open shapes so far.

The problems I still face are:

  • It explodes for completely flat shapes since there’s no direction defined on those.
  • Corners are not respected.

(Bohdan Lvov) #156

whoa, it would be an awesome little addon of sci-fi fans of hexagons. With wiremesh modifier it would look just WICKED! Maybe it’s worth to release it as a separate script just for this specific application? Maybe with variable number of edges

(julperado) #157

Cool! This reminds me of Tissue tools

(Metin Seven) #158

I’d be quite happy with the nice triangle distribution, although being able to remesh fully flat meshes and keeping the outline intact would be essential. But I’m not a coder, so I can imagine I’m asking for complex stuff.

(Jeacom) #159

I guess I finished the interface. Its really near a release, I wish some extras features could be added but in general it only includes improvements to the flow. I will keep researching ways to reduce singularities and I guess it’s gonna take a while so, better release it soon so users can at least use the better direction field estimator.

(Bohdan Lvov) #160

Smoking hot!

(Fatesailor) #161

Very impressive results!

(Metin Seven) #162

Nice work! Just watching the algorithm construct the topology is already satisfying. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

(Open D Studio) #163

I was wonder just how to make a chicken coop.
Bet that would look fantastic with a metallic material and explosion animation.