Tesselator Quad-Remesher


(Michael Knubben) #164

How does this handle non-watertight or non-manifold meshes?
If I were to boolean a bunch of meshes together and were left with the internal mess that this can sometimes (okay, often) leave, what would the result be?

(Jeacom) #165

It doesn’t handle non-manifold meshes currently, but will try to fix any error on meshes, so if the input is non-manifold, there’s a change of it failing but most likely that it will output a manifold result. while with booleans, I am working on sharp edges support , once I get it fine tuned, it will work for hard surface as well.

(Jeacom) #166

Working on sharp edges snapping.
There’s still a few problems but its already kinda working.

(Bohdan Lvov) #167

Absolutely incredible result!

(Jeacom) #168

I added a priority weighting on edge the particles and got these results so far, there’s still a bit of twisting.

Now it really looks like a mesh paving remesher, I guess it is kinda of.

Be honest with me… is this result good enough for hard surface?

(Bohdan Lvov) #169

It’s bloody awesome, since it preserving really sharp angles at low resolution.

(Metin Seven) #170

It looks fine. If you could manage to get one pure quad poly loop at each side of a hard edge, then subdivision will show no or little artifacts.

(Alberto Gonzalez(afx)) #171

Great work!

Whatever is causing the particles to create perfect strip of quad without triangles or singularities on the sharp edges should be done everywhere else & you’ll have perfect retopology

(Jeacom) #172

I wish that be so easy.
But there’s a few difficulties on that. Never mind I would have to learn least-squares just to implement a simple scaling coefficient.

If you look closely you’ll see that the poles appear at curved regions, this is because the particles don’t change size, and its being a damn pain in the b–… head to solve this.

(0o00o0oo) #173

This is great! Are you thinking of enabling Auto-Smooth result to automatically dictate the hard edges as well? That would be super useful.

(Jeacom) #174

Humm, It could be useful, it already tags the edge with creases so sub surf would work as well

(Jeacom) #175

Implemented a new algorithm for propagating the particles.

Its almost the same as before but I took a bit of inspiration from the Conway’s Game Of Life which I am fan of, The basic idea is, “Kill the particles if they are too near, propagate if they are far away”.

In principle, I thought this was a bad idea because particles blink like crazy with hard edges detection.

But then I turned hard edges off, and look at that…
Hard edges! LOL.

(Jeacom) #176

Okay, last tests before releasing the update.
probably I will use these models as a example demo.

(Peetie) #177

That looks very promising.
Looking forward to use it.

(0o00o0oo) #178

Indeed, looks promising!

Can you explain what we’re looking at in the Sketchfab link? Are the ones on the left the original, and two on the right comparing two different algorithms?

(Jeacom) #179

Well, the ones on the far left are the orginal models the other two are the quad and triangle remeshed versions.
Both modes use the same algorithm with little modification actually.

(Jeacom) #180

Hey!, tesselator got updated. there are three versions avaliable on blender market now

Tesselator 1.0 for blender 2.79
Tesselator 1.0 for blender 2.8
and Tesselator 1.28 for blender 2.8

I guess many people still use blender 2.79 so I can end up “downdating” the addon for blender 2.79 again with the new features.

(Metin Seven) #181

Cool, thanks! :+1:

(ambi) #182

Really nice work. I tried it (the 1.28 version) on some semi-broken meshes and it actually managed to make sensible quad mesh out of them, and it didn’t even take that long. Some options like X-mirror and using both quads and tris make Blender 2.8 crash with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION on Windows 64-bit, but that may be just the beta. This is on its way of being a super nice retopology addon, if all the bugs get sorted out as the beta progresses.

(Bohdan Lvov) #183

Finally. Congrats, that’s a giant step up!