Tessellation modifier

Hi all,

I created a Tessellation modifier as shown in the next movies.


I think it can be very useful when landscaping. Anyone interesting in this modifier?

whats the performance increase?
and is it also working real-time?

hmm, lot of popping and such.
any reason why this is superior to the adaptive subdivision modifier, by Kai Kostack?
(started as script, eventually coded as modifier, but never stable enough to commit)

Hi, when fine tuned the popping should disappear. the same method is used in unigine

I tried to mimic, but there are some glitches ATM.

I am interested in how you coded it. Is this for 2.49 or 2.5?

Interesting indeed, would be a great companion with the displacement modifier.

Anyway to combine this with catmull-clark subdivision the subsurf modifier uses to make something like an adaptive subsurf (so round objects would look uniformly round no matter how close it’s seen?

I wonder if this could work together with Brecht’s per-tile subdivision code in the render25 branch, maybe allow that high quality displacement feature to enable micropolygon quality displacement for the displacement modifier?

i’m interested in testing it, but for some abstract experimentations… can we get this modifier script? great examples by the way. :wink:

At this time it has been developed in Blender2.5, but it is not a Python script (reason: speed-up and less memory footprint). I have a linux64 build ready for anyone who want to test it. I can supply a patch for people who can build themselves.

I have studied the unigine (http://www.hardocp.com/article/2009/11/06/unigine_heaven_benchmark_dx11_tessellation) Here you can see how your models can be managed.

I hope that someone can manage to create a low-poly test model and use the tessellation to get the same results.

The next phase can be to implement the modifier in BGE after the GSOC projects have finished.

This is awesome, very powerfull technology for the furure BGE , with this blender would take over some positions in the engines competence, would be also very interest a method to do the opposite, reduce the polys in the far distance.

I have checked. The durian branch has similar technology, but for the whole scene. I have created a new test (removed the popping) and is really nice. Will wait for the BGE redesign before implementing this in the gameengine

You should release it as a add-on

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