Tessellations on mathematical shapes

Hi all,

I wrote a script that tessellates a collection of patterns (tilings) onto mathematical shapes in Blender:

Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing!



Wonderful!!! This so nice!
This as a addon would be damn fine like the xyz function plus your tiles Generator!:

A small example video could also help!
Best Regards!

It looks very interesting. But, how to install? init.py seems empty, is that correct?

Edit: Ok, it looks like this is a collection of scripts. I will try to read documentation carefully to understand how it should be used.

yes how to install the addon. I download the zip but cant find to activate (tick mark) in addon list. Im using 2.79

Yeah, sorry, this isn’t an add-on, but a library so that you can program things in Blender’s python editor. Try out the demo blend file if you like.

Integration with that x,y,z addon might be cool! (Didn’t know about that one, many of the options are identical.)


Yes i have download i have taken a default cube and run script nothing work. Is there any video tutorial how it works. And its just demo file i cant see any operator panel as show above. So plz make a video tutorial how to use it. Thanks

Hi atekdigital,

Unfortunately, making a video would take time that I don’t have. The image above is not of my script, but a different script (the “extra mesh objects” add-on, which provides similar functionality, minus the tilings).

Checkout the demo blend, it’s organized by layer. The script that drives the demo is also shipped, it’s this one:

You can make modifications to that script then rerun it (alt-P in the text editor) to see how it affects the shapes. You can replace the stock functions used to write your own.


Just thought I’d share some 3D printed goodies that arrived today, most of which were designed using the Tessagon scripts.