test animation: walk

starting from this topic:

I do this animation whit that charather:


That’s a nice walk, but I think if he is supposed to be a lazy indolent soldier, you’ve missed. He looks very determined, like he is the Centurion and his officer has just issued some really stupid order, and he is going to go set that officer straight.

ok, look only to the walk cicles. I don’t give the feeling still.
how is the walk cicles?

Hi francal, its a great start, but you haven’t really got a convincing sense of weight yet. You need to add more “follow-through”, “drag”, and “secondary action”. These are standard animation principals. A quick search on the nest should provide in-depth explanations and examples.

all the best!

I like the animated soldier, but the way he walk? I think he looks like his dancing “looking it in sideview”, very arroagant looking soldier…:slight_smile: