Test Anime Head

The following images below are, of course, a work in progress of a character for Project 7826886 27677. I was aiming for a anime design and it took me only 3 hours to make it.

Please note that I am aware of the following:

A body that doesn’t exist
The material still has a shine
It doesn’t have any ears.

Of course, this is my, (counting on fingers) 14th time I was working on the character’s head alone.




I’ll bring up the other head sometime tomorrow evening. Is it me or do I sound like some kind of nutjob talking about people’s heads?

hey ^^
it’s me:evilgrin:whahahaha ^^

i think you could smooth the forehead a bit… but maybe you won’t see that with an other shader …

about ears: i think ears aren’t that difficult to make as the look like, so don’t be shy try it out :smiley:

PS: i tried to make some changes on the shape (at the pic)


As far as I can see, the design of your topology is fairly good. Be mindful not to add too much geometry! :slight_smile:

The forehead and back of the the head need more volume and proportion correction, but you probably already knew that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aesthetically: The lips may need some adjustment, but I don’t know what your target character design is, so that may be irrelevant. It helps me to pick a character design before I begin and stick to it when I create models, and maybe it will help you too.

Good job, and good luck!


I over the past week I was back at square one recreating another human head for one of my main characters. For some strange reason, my learning curve is some what backwards.

Compared to my other head that I had before, this head seems to be more closer to the anime style and the eye seems to deform easily compared to my last one. However, I decided to split this file just in case some should go wrong. I’ll continue on the other file to add the ears and post it later.

this looks a bit like the one from dragonball,
well done ^^

Dragonball? Really? Hmm, I must be on the right track then.