Test build for Os X 10.4.3 bug with NVidia cards

here you will find a test build that hopes to solve the problems with nvidia cards.

Please let me know if this works :wink:

For non-nvidia users, check if any slow-down of the UI happens

As a bonus, you get the latest Hairs improvements

Some stuff in the 3d windows fixed, faster again, and I can weight paint again, BUt render window still does knowing unless I either wait the whole render frame and clickk on the window OR paint the screen on with a window from another app silding accross the view a lot… But that is a neat bug ! :stuck_out_tongue:

same problems for me, nothings changed. :frowning:

can we get more updates please :smiley: Blender is realy hard to work in right now, menus wont pop up for a minute or two wait now :frowning:

what joy !