Test E-Cycles + AI Denoise

Hi everyone,
I post a quick test of the latest E-Cycles with a new denoiser (Mathieu implementation). I’m impressed. Dark interior test.
Rendering: GTX 1070 Ti / E-Cycles, 256 samples 1.30 sec. The effect below:
Clear render:

Render with new AI Denoise:

Render with Blender Denoising:

Will prepare one more test. In general, since I started working at E-Cycles, I have very good times renderings. Better than with VRay 3.6.

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Awesome, did you use level 3? normally it gives good results at 64 spp already if you want :slight_smile:
For the full credit regarding the denoiser, the original node implementation is from Stefan Werner @skw.

What are your sampling settings?

In my experience, the Blender built-in denoising always produces a higher quality when Branched Path Tracing is used (due to it having things like all-closure sampling).

Yes, In this case I use level 3. As I wrote earlier, I am very impressed. A very great update!
I have not tested the animation yet. But should not it jump samples?

You mean the addon could set the spp accordingly?

Their is a huge bug with BPT and MIS in current master, which makes it very noisy. Don’t remember the bug report number, but it’s very visible in the barbershop scene.

I mean only the addon.

Well, highlights always seem to denoise better and converge faster in BPT, especially if said highlights are part of a complex shader with many components, and especially if the scene has more than a few light sources.

Besides that, BPT is also the only integrator that can properly conserve energy if there’s multiple SSS shaders set to Random Walk.

Settings for this scene:

Also, Mathieu’s E-cycles build is currently mainly optimized for regular path tracing. The significant speedups from those optimizations might outweigh BPT’s increased efficiency with multiple lights.

BPT optimizations are incoming for E-cycles though…

Yep, I already have BPT work pretty well in my dev branch. I’ll see if I focus on a 10-20% boost or BPT for the next feature update.

bliblubli you’re right with 64 samples you can see the power:
Clear render:

Render with new AI Denoise:

Render with Blender Denoising:


I like it alot. It looks like it preserve the detail very well :slight_smile: Also I like the scene.