test for color picker on windows 32 bits with G31/G33 chips intel

anyone has windows 32 bits vista
with G31/G33 chips intel

are you able to pick a color in viewport ?

right now i have not been able to do it in 2.49 or in latest buil in 2.63 !

may be it cannot be done with these chipsets from intel !

thanks for any feedback

Do you mean when in Texture Paint mode you right click on a textured model in the 3D view and the color under your cursor become the new selected color ?

Because it works for me with that same g31/g33 (edit : noticed you have vista, i have xp) in both 2.49b and in the latest version i downloaded from the buildbot.

no the color picker
when you add new material i tried to select a material then use the color picker in little color window and try to pick a color in the 3D viewport on one of the object or background picture

and cannot do it in 2.49 or 2.63 ?

but may be it cannot be done with these chips?

if you can confirm this

mind you i had problems in 2.49 other then that
like b box did not show in viewport

knife did not work also
and may be one or more things

but now in 2.63 all these work fine
except for the color picker!


It’s strange, i just tested the “color picker” you show

i select the little color pick icon on the color panel

clicked with the icon on the colored cube and result :

Seems to work good for me.
Maybe you’re using an addon that is interfering with the color picker, try to click on File -> Load Default Factory and try again

What is the version of OpenGL your driver support ?
If you don’t know, download this little utility :
And check which is the version of your OpenGL there when you launch the tool .
The one supported by the driver of my g31/g33 is OpenGL 1.4 , if you have less than 1.4 it could be that you have a too old driver and you should look on the Intel website to see which is the latest for your version of Vista.

It’s probably aero that use some kind of display code that conflict with other programs, Blender is not the only application that runs better with that aero interface disabled.

could be

also i got an answer from some dev on bug report

and i tried the opengl32 dll option

and with this the color picker works fine

but blender is quit sluggish on vista 32 bits

so not a good solution in fact its’ too slow with this DLL
don’t know why it is slow !

for now i’ll work without this DLL
cause it’s way faster !

thanks anyway