Test Grid, Pinning, Unwrapping Questions! PROS please. =)

Many thanks for helping a newcomer:

  1. Test Grid: When I activate this by going to Image>New, and choose Test Grid. How can I turn it off? The only way I can figure out is Image>New and un-press the Test Grid button.

  2. Pinning: I Just can’t understand this concept. So when I create a pin by hitting P. I’m just locking that texture at that point so it doesn’t move? If that is correct, I can’t seem to find an example as to why this is needed.

  3. Unwrapping: Can I unwrap a cube for instance, and apply a UV texture, could I then select one face of that cube later and apply a separate texture?

  4. Texturing: I saw a tutorial on this. I was wondering, since the tutorial states to unwrap you object, then screen capture it. Bring that screen capture into Pshop and texture it as a template (for placement). Then save that texture, and load it into your UV Image Editor. Does that sound like the most logical way to approach this? If not, I’d love to hear your way of handling this… and if that assumption provided is the best way, at what screen resolution would you suggest I save that texture?

Thanks so much everyone!:RocknRoll:

Well I’m no “Pro” at this but …

  1. Hit N in the UV/Image Editor to bring up the Image Properties . Toggle the test grid on/off with the UV Test grid button .

  2. No pinning isn’t locking the texture coordinates in the UV image (you can still move them in the UV editor), rather it is pinning the 2D UV coordinates relative to the mesh’s 3D coordinates when you do multiple unwraps . This is very useful for complex meshes like a human head for example . You can unwrap using the Project from View option from the front, pin the eyes, then go to a side view and unwrap again using the project option,pin the ears, etc. until you get a decent UV map .

  3. Yes .

  4. I don’t know where you found that tutorial, but the more proper method is to use the Save UV Layout script found under UV -> Scripts . It will save to a .tga format as well as give you various options including the size .

I tested all of your answers and they work perfectly. Thanks!

I still don’t get the pinning aspect of the UV Image Editor. Recommend any reading? I read about it in a for dummies book, and it makes no sense, and it was quickly spoken of and not explained.

An old tutorial but does show the use of pinning during UV unwrapping.




hi might be this will be give you some idea about uv maping for a simple cube for all sides…this i had done quite a few time ago, i was doing a project using blender and learning blender side by side as well…
and if you want to different image to each side than you can you use above method or unwrap each side of cube separately and put image texture…

Thanks ayernitin,

That covers what I recently learned from Mr. Vertex Pusher. I’m just trying to wrap my brain around the concept of Pinning. I know how to do it, just don’t know why I would do it, looking for a real scenario that would need that feature, as that may help me better understand it.

Thanks again!

Hey Richard,

Nice! I just saw this, I’m downloading, can’t wait to watch and learn more! Thanks! I’ll let you know how it pans out.

real scenario : pinning and unwrapping on drag