Test Kinect motion capture toolkit on Windows


I have an open source Kinect motion capture toolkit, the project was launched last year.

It can run on Windows, Linux and macOS, if you have a Kinect for xbox 360 sensor, you can use it.

Here is the demo:

Here is the project: https://github.com/meshonline/kinect-openni-bvh-saver

There is also a pre-built binary for Windows on the project page, just download and install it on Windows 7/8/10, it will work.

If you use Rigify armature or your own armature, you can retarget the motion capture clip, here are the steps:

  1. Use the toolkit to record a BVH file, then import the BVH file to blender.

  2. Select the Rigify armature, enter ‘Edit’ mode, select all bones, press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘N’, click ‘Recalculate Roll->with Global -Y axis’.

  3. Select the Rigify armature, enter ‘Pose’ mode, rename some of the bones, let them match the bone names in the BVH armature, and change the bones’ rotation mode from ‘Quaternion(WXYZ)’ to ‘ZYX Euler’.

  4. Select the Rigify armature, go to ‘Dope Sheet->Action Editor’ interface, select the imported BVH motion clip.

  5. Delete the imported BVH armature.

I need someone to test it on Windows, report any bugs.


It works on Windows, enjoy it.

This is such a huge help, thank you now I dont have to pay for ipisoft!!

I like this too! Came across it some months ago. So this would work with armatures with IK and FK constraints?