Test new system

Hi guys,

I have my new system for a week now. Doing tuts and stuff, going great. But sometimes it seems like the power and speed is not what I hoped for…
Using cycles sometimes goes good sometimes I expect more fluentness. For modeling I sometimes experience struggle wich I hoped and assumed it shouldn’t. playing cloth animation not as fluent and fast as I hoped.

Now I want to ask the pro’s out here this. Can you give me instructions (or a file) to do something so we can test certain things and compare the result or time, etc…
modeling, rendering, baking, simulation…

My new rig is following:

  • Motherboard: MSI X79A-GD65 8D
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 3820
  • GPU: MSI Geforce GTX560 TI 448 1.3GB TF III Power OC
  • RAM: CORSAIR 16GB (4 x 4GB) Vengeance Blue CML16GX3M4A1600C9B
  • PSU COOLERMASTER Silent Pro 850W
  • HDD: Western Digital Caviar black 1TB
  • Windows 7 64bit ultimate