Test: No Radiosity

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update below

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coloured spots or reflection?

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No. However you are close.

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Nicely done. Very convincing result.


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I have tried now for about an hour to duplicate your pic. I can’t do it. Please tell me how you got the color from the ball to appear in the shadow. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I could tell you, but doesn’t it spoil the fun?

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no it doesn’t :wink: OK nobody else read how its done. There Ec2 go ahead and tell me now no one else will read it 8)

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Technique explained here!

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That is totally awsome, not to mention i was really far off when i tried it. But its such a simple idea. DUH!!! Really cool ec2 thanks for sharing. :smiley: :smiley:

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And smart technique. :slight_smile:


Ok, critiques:

But your tut image is better than this one with the chrome ball.

From reflections I have the impression that the chrome ball is behind the coloured balls, yet is shadow gives the idea that it is in front.

The reflection on the crome shows a coloured halo where it should not be any, and the spheres reflected are gray rather than of their respective colour. Same is true for walls.


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he he he !! :stuck_out_tongue: those french guys are a bunch of smartasses, good job!! :smiley: cool tecneec

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Thanks for the replies.


The tutorial nor the image image is mine. Thanks for the needed crits.

I never saved the .blend for the first render I posted (which was different than my base file). However the ball was in the middle of the room, behind the blue ball in the foreground, and in front of the red ball in the background. I adjusted the lighting set up and each sphere’s position for less confusion.

There reflection was a struggle with Spec level, vs Env Map and the texture Col setting, since the reflection is faked with the combining of the two. I was shooting for less color (more grey). The lights are actually just lamps with the Sphere button turned on, not Halos.

Hopefully the new render is better.

This is a useful technique. It would be cool to master it because it cuts out the radiosity calculation time, and shadow renderng of multiple soft spots. I came across it while looking at jms’ site (povanim author). Tons of good info on it. I suggest everyone really go through it, its in French but Google and others can translate so its undestandable.

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woo hoo my theory was correct too bad i didn’t try it out to post some questionable pics :slight_smile:

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The second picture is even better. Good simulation of radiosity and some great tips on lighting from that site you listed. Thanks.

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Thank paradox. That site does contain a lot of good info. It has everything from basics to modeling to lighting and so on. Its good to be able to find any techniques to enhance your production in Blender.

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Ehm… I know I will be remembered as the slow mind in the Blender Community, but I clicked on the link above and it took me to a JMS site with a lot of features and voices; at which of them the false radiosity technique you used refers? :stuck_out_tongue:

the slow-minded Env

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Here is the direct link. I think linking it to Google’s translator forces it to the index? Oh, and with your skills there is no way you could be slow!

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Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue: