Test of Multiple Aspects of Blender...

…mainly rendering, lighting, and mood:).

EDIT: And by the way, I managed to pull this off without AO :D.

that looks quite good, the overall blackness to the image, gives it a very old photo look,
the blur seems too uniform, as the bottles are close together, I think there would be a slight falloff, or if I can explain, the first bottle needs a little less blur & some more sharpness closer to the focus bottle. same for the third bottle, little less blur, then sharper near the focus, bleeding out to the 4th heavily blurred bottle.
The shading looks quite good, how would it look with a hint of sepia?
You have done a good job with the dark lighting.

Thanks for you comments. I actually know what you mean about the ‘uniformity’ of the blur, I’ll tweak that next time.

I’ll get a sepia version up sometime… can’t right now. :wink: