Test of rolling snowball animation with Dynamic paint and rigid body

Hi. I have done this test by using Dynamic Paint and rigid body simulators. Also been used particles, ocean modifier. I wanted to make edges of the snow path more rounded by adding subsidive modifier, but it would increase render time to infinity.
Anyway render took 15 hours!

Have a look at the cubesurfer addon if you aren’t already using it:

Be aware though that this is a memory and processor intensive technique, save often.

I wish there was some way to apply a subsurf to vector paint data. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks. I knew about molecular addon, but i did not heard about cubesurfer. I think its too raw yet, and no video tutorials or ilustrative tuts about it yet.

I think there is a tutorial, idk, somehow I learned it!

It’s pretty raw, and very easy to create WAY too much geometry and crash Blender. I’d imagine this sort of feature will make it into the official build eventually.

But, nice work on your sim. I’ve been meaning to get into dynamic paint for a while.