test poses don' t play anymore

A few weeks ago I made this rig and for testing some poses.
Because I did not have time to finish the character I had to stop for a few weeks.
Now I want to get further with the character animation.
But when I start this by activating the timeline nothing happens?


groover-controlebonescircels.blend (512 KB)

I don’t see any problem, except that the bones you keyframed all seem to be bones that don’t really pose the character. If you keyframe the back bone (the circle around his midsection) in two different locations, then he moves as expected. The bones keyframed here all seem to be for deformation rather than posing.

Yes thats true.
I have made some keyframe poses with DEF_ bones like bending forward and backward
which I could play.
I removed the keyframes and insert new keyframes and see that when I keyframe the back bone circle in different locations he moves.