Test: Radiosity

(ec2) #1

I was ready to give up today, when I found a good tutorial on radiosity. I have to play with the texture + radiosity method that has been discussed so much recently, later on.

Sorry for the obvious crop, but I tilted the camera (top down).


(paradox) #2

Very nice, I like the glass ball and the color bleeding from the red box. If you have any problems with adding textures email or pm me I’m willing to share tips.


(S68) #3

Sphere is VERY nice, but that red cube bleeds too much color, IMHO


(Jolly Gnome) #4

I don’t know how you did it, but the colorbleeds from the cube too much. And the right wall receives the red light quite funnily in two parts.
You could try to first add a cube with a red texture and a little amount of Emit, to make it radiate light in radiosity. Now, this makes the cube all red when you render it, and it hardly looks good, so replace the cube with exact copy of the original AFTER you’ve solved the radiosity.

(ec2) #5

Thanks for the replies. I will pratice more to get the hang of it.

Paradox look for a PM from me today regarding textures. Or if you want you could post it here. Either way thanks for the offer.

(sofort99) #6

I was haveing the problem with the emitted light not being even. If you change the elmax and elmin, and pamax and pamin to a smaller sampleing size, adjust your multi down, and increase the interations, it will take longer, but the light will be a lot more even than if you try to cover your scene with just a few “chunks” of light. I am hopeing there is a easier way, and someone will share it! :stuck_out_tongue: