(vklidu) #1

Instead of new thread for each test of mine - one for all :slight_smile:

Default plane (4 vertecies). Follow CreativeSchrimp link.

Highmap texture creativeshrimp.com/micropolygon-displacement-tutorial-1.html
HDRi environment cloud.blender.org/p/hdri/5876233d1f474220d009cd56
(As I was glorified blender cloud’s HDRi textures (from Greg Zaal’s), this one is not a good, I don’t who is author of these in “BlendedSkies” directory …)

Previous test of simple camera motion in HDRi environment:

test_RealCamera Addon
Even postproduction node groups like Lens Flare or Bokeh are great I had quite minor problem with strange behaviour of set values.

RealCam addon blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?403755-Real-Camera
HDRi environment https://cloud.blender.org/p/hdri/5876233d1f474220d009cd56
(great one from Greg Zaal)

(vklidu) #2

Soft ballons
I just found quite nice OSL Shader of Soap Bubbles I wanted to see in motion too, so I merged two tests in one.

(Therealgarry) #3

Damn nice tests!
For the first 2 I thought they were real until I took a closer look!

(vklidu) #4

It started as another micro-displacement test, RD Textures (you know … black-friday, I just couldn’t resist to try one :slight_smile:


… but now, it looks like a project :slight_smile:


As side-product … I just love codec glitches :slight_smile:
“The failure is not on your receiver”

I’m a bit stag with engines to look as I could accept at the moment, hope it doesn’t ruin the final … you know, "time flies when you’r having fun (some english lesson memories).

BTW if yo know the author of models, that wants to be credited, let me know.
I just can’t find source (its long time ago, sorry)

(vklidu) #5

For a long smoke trail its impossible use only one domain since there is an limit 512 Divisions per domain.
Like here vimeo.com/177600070 (there I tried use shapekeys, that surprisingly worked i general, but in case explosions are OK for you :slight_smile:

In this test is used 8 domains.
Domain overlapping is problem for some view cases in render.
I want to try compositor’s Z depth if it can solve issue.

(vklidu) #6

Just a quick lowres preview (shadows are from vehicles, I disabled their passes since exhaust is still strange)
So, a bit of mistery in picture for now.

(vklidu) #7

… some Hitchcock’s horror movie version is missing :slight_smile:

(LowRes for now)