Test Rendering


This is an image for test rendering.
It’s not a job, just for fun. :wink:



– Shige

Welcome back shige…

Blenders new features are nice, yes?

Hopefully they will tempt you back and maybe you will be as active in this community as you used to be – We certainly need more artists of your stature…

Nice image btw!

Yeah nice image and the skull is really intriguing. (sorry can’t spell so I’ll just say interesting and mysterious)
Good to see some new work from you.

Very nice render! :smiley:

:o great work :smiley: and nice texture on the table

Welcome back Shige.
I remember a few years back, your earlier work in Blender was one of the reasons I decided to explore the possibilities of this software.

Really nice! The sand textures is a bit repetitive though.

  • emk

long time no see, but sometimes I came here and saw the other’s works.
Of course I’m still active user of BLENDER, 2.35 is very good!!

Only one thing I’m very sorry for about DOF(zblur) problem on osX version. I couldn’t get good result for this.

Thanks all friends, I’ll be back with other works. See you soon.

– Shige