test shot w/hdri(crosswalk blends)

hdri, yafray material settings,wheels, and the mirror balls I made. the car body sketchy made. 10 points for anyone that can identifiy the light probe
. :smiley:

This is great!
I absolutely love it.
No crits here.

The reflected picture (environment map?) in the balls doesn’t match the background of the model at all. It looks weird. Other than that, nice!

i think you gave away the lightprobe, looks like one you made from the crosswalk basemodel. i reckognize the bank i made in one of the spheres… gimme the 10 points and post a link to the probe!

i thought it looked like Italy map from counter-strike… the hdri i mean

to the monkey :smiley:
the hdri

made from the crosswalk city w/blender and hdrshop
I had to turn up the gi power in yafray to get good light.
sketchys gallery he asked me to link
just tested that down load its really slow. where should I upload it?

That crosswalk hdr is awesome! Nice render. Did you change the materials at all, or are those the same ones that I had on it?

I did change the materials some the reflection is lower so is the color band some other things are adjusted to. this is the blend its not packed so if you want the hdri get it from the link above.