Test SpaceShip Please Help

Hello blender artists, I am Eucalyptus. I am pretty new to blender and am making a spaceship. I need advice from you because, as you can tell, I suck at blender. So this is my spaceship:

my first tip: try out some of the modifiers on your ship. dont apply them, just change the properties. subsurf and bevel may give your ship more character.

There is nothing to give advice on because you didn’t tell us what you think looks wrong.
Art is purely subjective.

My advice would be to watch some tutorials first. There are lots you can find both on YouTube and from general Google searches.

It’s hard when you first start but learning to use Blender and becoming familiar with 3D modelling in my opinion are two seperate issues. By that I mean you can have a great understanding of 3D modelling and topology and suck at using a piece of software your not familiar with. Alternatively you could have a great understanding form a particular piece of software but suck at 3D modelling (although the two generally come hand in hand so this may be a moot point).

I guess what I’m trying to say is try to learn everything you can about the software your using and the methods behind creating the 3D models. After that it’s just a matter of textures (arguably the most difficult part).

Everybody sucks at first. Learning how to use Blender takes some time and practice. You get better by making bad starts and learning what you did wrong, and then doing it better the next time. Expect a lot of “next times”. :yes:

There are an overwhelming number of tools in Blender to help you model, but until you become familiar with them (and where to find them) you’ll have a difficult time doing the things you want to do as well as you want to do them.

Here are some tools you can try experimenting with on your spaceship:

  1. Bevel tool (Ctrl-B) - let’s you round out edges.

  2. Loop-cut tool (Ctrl-R) - let’s you add rings of vertices/edges around an object.

  3. Inset Faces tool (I) - let’s you make a face inset into another face (sort of like a picture frame).

  4. Subdivide tool (Tools menu) - let’s you divide a face into smaller faces.

There are still many more tools to do more complex stuff, but most are specific to certain tasks, so explaining them here is not practical.

I would also learn how to use the Subdivision-Surface modifier, which will make your spaceship look much better. You can just add it to the object and don’t click the Apply button and you should be okay for now, but in the meantime get familiar with what it does and how the settings work.

Oh, one other modifier you might want to use is the Mirror modifier, which will help you reduce your work by exactly 50%.

For more specific details on how to do something, please don’t be afraid to ask.

My Tip is as well, start with some simple tutorials, short ones to begin with.
Even if you dont learn to model the things you want to model, you will get to know the user interface, and leatn how to use the different toolt, which you can then apply on your own creations.

I wish you a lot of fun, and dont give up :slight_smile: