Test SSS in Cycles and Test Scultping

Hi all!

This is my first time posting here. I´ve been working with blender on a newbielevel for maybe two years (on and off). A couples of months ago I decided to venture off into Cycles, and beeing a real sss-fan, so to speak, I really wanted to try out what the new shader could do in terms of skin.

Also I´ve worked very heavily on developing my modelling skill, but only after finnishing the base have I tried out the sculpting to sort of add a finnishing touch. So except a few extruders and maybe two or three subdivisions in edit-mode, everything here is done with the sculpt tools.

So the topology is messed up, I’m aware, and also the hair, especially the eyebrows, looks a bit bushy and have no texture assigned to them. The ears as well (hard enough even in edit-mode) looks quite awful.

Comments are appreciated! Although this was a test, and I just felt liked sharing the renders :slight_smile: