Test: Video clip as TV screen illuminating light in 3D mesh room & objects. The Trio Of 5ths at Home

Any and all comments are welcome.

After reading Import Movie Files to create Screens with light emission i did alittle experimenting to see if i could get it to work (used an animated blender .mov render video for testing there). After that wanted to try with a real video clip, grabbed a “short film” i made - 4 min and did alittle Blendering with it to try and make the room illuminate from the video like a real TV does.

This was all rendered with Cycles and Blender 2.81

Used two layers for this because of rendering time, main layer contains everything (room, lamp, pics, chars (MakeHuman), couch (download), etc.) and was rendered at 16 samples, the second layer contains the pictures on the walls, speakers and lamp rendered at 128 samples. First time playing with multi layers but it worked out pretty good. To render everything at 128 it would have been 1 min 55 secs per frame (about 36 hours total) but by splitting the layers (16 samples and 128 samples) it took a total of 22 seconds to render and combine both layers for a single frame (total about 7 hours). By doing it this way i was able to keep the render time lower and also keep detail in certon objects (you will notice because the light beams where rendered at 16 samples, they don’t look the best). At first the main layer only consisted of chars, room, couch and the second layer was the lamp, pics, etc but with out the lamp in the first layer it was not emitting light to the wall or floor, so by rendering everything in the main layer it keep the light beams and reflections and by only using certon objects in the second layer i was able to keep their detail and during the combining of the layers, the second layers objects “replaced” their poor rendered 16 sample versions.

For both layers i did alittle (separate) color tweaking in the Compositing tab, alittle too much high lighting on the second layer, the pics on the wall are a bit too bright (also the second layer had a second light source which was also a bit bright).

One issue i ran into was the World material, if the ‘background’ shader had any ‘Strength’ to it (i had to use 0) it would also generate that color in the “dead” space of the second layer and create an overlay kind of look. E.g. if the World background color was red with the strength of .100 the second layer with the lamp and pics would have a red tint any where there was not an object, the pics on wall and lamp would display correctly, but all other “space” in that layer would have the red tint to it. Any advice on how to deal with that would be nice.

In the end, this project was mainly done to use a video clip as an emission light source and to play around with different parts of the blender program.

Here are three images, the first everything rendered at 16 samples (17 secs), the second is mixed 16 and 128 samples (22 secs) and the third everything as 128 samples (1:55 mins).

All suggestion and comments are welcome.