Test walk and run cycles

Decided to take the plunge into 3D animation. The rig needs a lot of work, but hopefully I’m heading the right direction. Anything feedback is welcome good or bad :wink:

Walk cycle isn’t bad, I’d say his hands should be less straight (and flat) though. The run cycle is a bit awkward, once again in the arms mostly. Something isn’t right about the shoulder. But it’s a good first attempt.

yeah for walking, the palms would normally be relaxed facing inwards to backwards, fingers slightly bent.

One way to think of walking, which I think will help you get less stiff results, is that rather than putting one foot in front of the other, you’re continuously falling forward and catching yourself. In the case that you animated, it’s almost a sort of a stiff swagger, which might be what you’re going for, but it doesn’t have the same effect as a leisurely stroll.

I wont touch the run, but for the walk…
As people have said, relax the hands. It’s not super important but right now they’re distracting. Also, It might be your rig, but the elbows are continually pointing outward and this looks awkward.
Apart from that, the big thing to look at is the knee pops. In a real walk the knees describe a fairly smooth motion, but you have them popping all over the place. This is a common mistake in a walk cycle. It can be dealt with by fine tuning hip height, hip rotation and foot roll.

Good luck!

The other thing that bugged me about the walk was that there was very little side to side motion, and his feet were nearly completely linear. There are varying degrees, but during a walk feet tend to move towards the center, like walking on a balance beam. That is an extreme but the point is, the feet need to swing out and in as well as move forward/backward, and if you do want the feet to have no side swing, then the hips are going to have to swing to compensate. For the most part, the hips should be over the planted foot, or else the character looks off balance

it looks like ur using inverse kinematics on the legs. Make sure u dont extend the legs to the point that they lock in inverse kinematics. That might be why the knees are popping like that. and the run definitely needs a lot more work. your definitely on the right track, check out the youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/endlessreference they have great references.

Thanks bro. Those references are pretty amaze-balls. So do you normally get better results using an FK for walk cycles or can you still get a good result using IK?