Test your compositing skills


SEe if you can do a better job than the remix.

:o …HAHAHA!!!

That was hilarious! That compositing was pretty damn good, also.

A fat guy with a shower curtain bar, thinking he’s a jedi. Now I’ve seen everything.

:o :o %| :o :o %| :o :o
It’s the motion capture for the next X-Box game.

A fat guy with a shower curtain bar, thinking he’s a jedi.

Release Nov 2003

Ha! That’s good. They did a good job on the compositing for that saber. I just have to wonder where the original video came from…


He probably forgot to take his medication…

Grrr… Arrgg… How come no animations EVER work for me?

Wow! How embarrassing. Even with the breaks between shots it looked like he was getting pretty winded at the end. Then again, maybe that is how he gets his cardio-vascular exercise.

Too bad he didn’t have access to a blue screen and multiple camera angles. That would have made it so much more interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:

It almost looks like he was trying to create a real life version of the well known “Maul on Speed and Ice” animation everybody is raving about. 8) http://www.jackals-forge.com/abominate/abom16.html

Thanks VK. Now I know what CubeFan looks like. Somehow I pictured him as being a skinny little wimp. All of a sudden the word ‘Cube’ makes sence.


hey i used to be that fat!!!


well now i am BUT I DIDN’T USE TO BE!!!

anyway i am Super slim now coz of all ym light sabering!!!

and hockey, but it still uses the stick skills

ha ha ha that was funny